Robert Bentley Langsford : photo by Jacek

Robert Bentley Langsford

A man of the People - Nation Review, 3 Sept 1997
Abandoned Nun - Ink drawing
Angst - Marginalia
Art Nouveau - Ink drawing
Daydreams of a Sludgey Snail - Ink drawing
Garden Party - Poster, St. Marks, Hamilton Terrace
Jesuit - Marginalia
Le Club - Nation Review, 20 Jan 1997
Padre - Ink drawing { 100% }
Piglett - Marginalia adapted to background
Qualis - Illustrated Verse
Women and the ministry - Poster for Christ Church, Brunswick
Body paint
Lips - Photo by Jacek
Wired - Photo by Jacek?
New The 1st Law of Looping - acrylic

The Last Temptation of St X - acrylic

Exodendritic : To be out of your tree

History of Exodendritic

In 1980 @ the dept of vet's affairs, Bronwyn Davies would bombard Alan Wearne & Robert Langsford with tales of her life as a disco queen. Dope talk as well as footy talk & boy talk dominated conversations with her & when stoned Bronwyn was "out of her tree!!" Robert, doubtless out of his at the time, decided to use his knowledge of ancient greek to concoct exodendritic (as practised by the exodendritites, of course. Using exo or 'the exo' boy were they exoid!!)

In the early 1980's Alan introduced the term to Steve Anker, sub-editor of the Truth, Melbourne, Australia & a small item on the coining of Exodendritic was subsequently published in "Topical Taps" of this journal. In 1986, Alan Wearne used the abbreviated form throughout his verse novel 'The Nightmarkets'. It was added to the web as a tagline by afactor in 1995.

An element outside a given system
    st3fan The Exodendritic Gap
I often find people out of their tree, directory tree that is
    Anthony Thyssen Systems Programmer, Anthony's Castle
When your cafe is out of creme brulee?
    Neil Langford


In Memorium : Alan Wearne

Le Jour sur la plage de M. Pengilly : Alan Wearne

Leo : Alan Wearne

Serman : Canon R David Farrer (Requiem Mass & Funeral)

'Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.' Dylan Thomas

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