September 2003
Volume 1, Issue 1
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Welcome to our first newsletter
Our goal at, is to help keep you in touch with the shops in your local community and surrounding areas - who is opening up, what do they offer, are they any good and do they offer any specials, savings or freebies.

We will cover news on retail shops, cafes and restaurants as well as entertainment activities, even festivals and fairs that may be coming up.

We will have a section as well on schools in the area which will have news on what is happening with them and commentaries on which are the best schools to send our children too and other topics on education.

Look for our section on safety in your community, including an updated section on crime in your area for eg residential, commercial robberies and damage to persons and public property, and hnts on how to best protect your property.
Check our website for reviews on places of interest & recreational activities within your community - cafes, restaurants, nightspots, exhibitions, movies, plays, fetes & festivals.

Interested in property? Check the articles on the marktet trends in your area and handy hints on how to own your own home sooner or start a property investment portfolio. The real estate section will include dates of auctions and photos of properties for sale.

Local Shop News Issue 1

Lifestyle will include a section devoted to travel, covering both local and international trips. Let those who have travelled to these places guide you with their stories, not only of the best places to go but also with their hints how to save on accommodation, food and travel. Remember to check what packages are currently available.
Styles and themes for residential and commercial interior decorating. What are the trends in Melbourne, what is popular and what is not, and what you can expect to pay. Look for information on new and antique furniture, statues and other artifacts from exotic places, and where to find them both in Melbourne and on your next trip.

In this issue
Special Points of Interest
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New cafe opens in Prahran   2
The World Wide Web   3
Ride to Work Day 2003   3
Conservation Volunteers Austalia   4
U3A Melbourne WebSite Launch   4
» Shops and cafes in your local area
» Save money for your community
» Entertainment in your area
» Safety and crime prevention
» Whats happening with your local schools
» What local real estate is up for sale
» Special deals on travel
» Where to buy exotic furniture locally
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