The Realms Balcony

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The foyer door opens onto a wide balcony area, northern light streams across the floor. The glass of the curved balcony window has been specially treated, it distorts the panoramic view across the Realms of the Great Web. The Iconoweb not normally visible to the naked eye, can be seen to span the skies. Far to the north west, an eclipse seems frozen in time & for the first time in these realms of perpertual light, you can see the stars.

A cushioned bench in one corner offers a moments respite to the adventurer. A button within easy reach offers further information - the Resources of the Realms. A book entitled History of The Realms lies open on a nearby coffee table beside a rolled map, a photo has fallen down beside the table.

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Dated: 28 Dec 1996
Updated: 23 January 2007
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