John Forbes
homage to john forbes
edited by ken bolton

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This is an invaluable collection of essays, poems, interviews, letters, illuminating the life and work of the late John Forbes, ironically self-styled 'major-minor' poet. The contents are variously affectionate, critical, illuminting, often brilliant, and occasionally pig-headed. They are linked by that crucial emotion, love.

Forbes captured the touch of Sydney, its humidity and more. But, as protean Peter Porter wonderfully observes, 'Sydney is not a good place to be unhappy in'. There was much unhappiness in Forbes's life, much critical hedonism in his poetry.

We are just beginning to be able to read Forbes; this volume will assist in that revaluation. Forbes, despite a relatively small output, demands consideration as a major poet. Thus his untimely death was doubly regretable. This collection is, in short, a bobbydazzler!
from the book cover by Don Anderson


  • Ken Bolton  Homage to John Forbes
  • Carl Harrison-Ford  Speech to Launch Damaged Glamour
  • Peter Porter  John Forbes in Europe
  • Cath Kenneally  For John Forbes
  • Tracy Ryan  Cambridge Considered as the Cocos & Keeling Islands
  • John Tranter  God on a bicycle
  • Laurie Duggan  Return to Sender
  • Pam Brown  Petersham Days
  • Ivor Indyk  The Awkward Grace of John Forbes
  • Gig Ryan  "more successful than America"
  • Cath Kenneally  John Forbes - Form, Intuition and (a) Song
  • Rosemary Hunter   The Man Who Loved Women
  • Peter Porter  When You Said Bessemer, Did You Mean Beckmesser?
  • Pam Brown  Thread Drift
  • Chris Burns  Ode to James Baker's Eternal Teenagers
  • Alan Wearne  Spirit and Action
  • Cassie Lewis  Subtle Justice: John Forbes as Poetry Teacher in the Nineties
  • John Forbes  The Working Life
  • Ken Bolton  Some Memories of John Forbes
  • Ken Bolton  Coffee & John Forbes Poem
  • John Kinsella - Tracy Ryan  "this academy can teach you no more"
  • Ken Searle  John Forbes as Zeus

Homage to John Forbes
edited by ken bolton
Released in 2002
Brandl & Schlesinger
Book Cover: András Berkes
ISBN 1 876040 38 6

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