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At my stage of existence who needs further logistics? A healthy sense of decadence A whispered breath of song, to break a heart in two... make it whole... set it free... ...and they threw his singing head into the sea
Daniel Blinkhorn - "iOrpheus"
Das SHOKU Hora!!!
Yumi Umiumare - "Das SHOKU Hora!!!"
'Dashoku suru' is a term meaning to bleach; to strip off colour. 'Hora' in Japanese means to look out.
Don't Call Me Butoh! Exodendritic : to be out of your tree
Robert B Langsford
History of Exodendritic
In 1980 @ the dept of vet's affairs, Bronwyn Davies would bombard Alan Wearne & Robert Langsford with tales of her life as a disco queen. Dope, footy & boy talk dominated conversations with her & when stoned Bronwyn was "out of her tree!!" Robert, doubtless out of his at the time, decided to use his knowledge of ancient greek to concoct exodendritic (as practised by the exodendritites, of course. Using exo or 'the exo', boy were they exoid!!)
In the early 1980's Alan introduced the term to Steve Anker, sub-editor of the Truth, Melbourne, Australia & a small item on the coining of Exodendritic was subsequently published in "Topical Taps" of this journal. In 1986, Alan Wearne used the abbreviated form throughout his verse novel 'The Nightmarkets'. It was added to the web as a tagline by afactor in 1995.
An element outside a given system
st3fan The Exodendritic Gap
When your cafe is out of creme brulee?
Neil Langford
I often find people out of their tree, directory tree that is
Anthony Thyssen, Systems Programmer, Anthony's Castle
Get off my car unless you're naked! G*d is on everyone's side, and yet no one wins How could you even begin to understand? How do I get out of Here, How do I get Back? It was then that my life did a u-ee. Know what you're doing... by Robert LangsfordKnow what you're doing, going in & coming out.
The first law of looping
I don't want to make a workshop of it! Innovators seldom make money, money makers seldom innovate Long live the ephemeral!
Love, honour & glory Music first! Not all my dreams will come true,
but all my dreams are true to my kokoro.
Slow horses -- Get eaten The Calming / Charming year of Roooooster... The UNIX Project was the last best hope of defeating Microsoft.
It Failed.
But in the Years of the Platform Wars,
it became something greater...
Our last best hope for an open OS
The year is 1999. The place: Linux 5
afactor, Anthony Thyssen & Babylon 5!
The documentation is all that lives on The solar winds blow through the Sonic Code The world's Fay Wray & you're King Kong Thou shalt not compress a compression.
The 1st law of digital imaging
The 1st law of compression extension of first law of digital imaging
What does peace sound like to you? Wake up! Don't take your dreams to your grave. Would You Mind If I Settle Here
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